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EOD Unicorn Challenge Coin - Magical Solutions for Mundane Problems

EOD Unicorn Challenge Coin - Magical Solutions for Mundane Problems

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Being a Bomb Technician requires Critical Thinking.  Often overly complicated techniques for simple procedures.  Show your level of expertise by displaying this Magical Solution to Mundane Problems Unicorn.

Originally designed as a graphic by Benji Makes, this is now a 3D High Quality 3 inch by 1.5 inch Challenge Coin.  Polished Black Nickel finish with soft enamel vibrant color fills and UV printing for the fine details.  The back boasts a nice 3D raised rendering of both the EOD Master Badge, and the HDS PSBT Badge with the text "Magical Solutions to Mundane Problems". 

Pick your favorite color or get all three. Choose Green Greg, Pink Patty, or Tan Trent.

Green Greg is the largest run and will be refilled if these sell out.

*Sold Out Pink Patty and Tan Trent are a limited run of only 100 coins each.  Once they're gone, they will be that magical......well Unicorn, people will always be searching for.

Purchase options include singles, the Triple Threat 3 pack, or a 10 pack for Green Greg.

Check out BenjiMakes on Etsy for other EOD designs. 

Have a custom design in mind for patches or coins, please send us a message and we can work with you to get a high quality piece produced.


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