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You must tell yourself, ‘No matter how hard it is, or how hard it gets, I’m going to make it.’. Les Brown Two months ago, life was as it normally is, you go to work, come home, eat, sleep, and do it all over again. Day in, day out. Life sometimes gets in the way and you forget to take time for yourself and your family. We never thought we’d be here today wishing we took more time to spend it with each other but here we are. Life has given us a curveball and we either swing at it with all our might or we let it strike us out. We won't be struck out. Emily is a daughter,a sister, someone’s best friend, someone’s ‘person’, she’s everyone’s something. Emily had surgery scheduled Wednesday 6/9/21, to correct some issues she’s been having for a while. The pain was becoming unbearable so something had to be done. Nothing crazy, semi major surgery but something that has been done over and over again and it will ultimately heal the troubles she’s been facing for a while. A sigh of relief if you will, once it was all said and done. This is where things began to fall apart. She was in more pain than was expected. A trip to the ER this time should help. Some pain meds brought her temporary relief, another CT performed (she’d had a couple already but they wanted to see how things were progressing). Sometimes in a CT you can over-collimate the screen and get a bigger picture. That picture showed changes no one expected, a blessing being the mistake and the curse being the results. More tests scheduled for more answers, meant more waiting, but at least we were getting answers now. Surgery was still happening at this point. Wednesday came, scheduled surgery date, she will be pain free after this, after recovery. The buzzer rings 30 minutes in, that’s not good, that can’t be good. Dr. sits you down in the conference room, a semi private area with make-shift walls. His face behind the mask indicates what he is about to say isn’t good. You can feel the change in the room as you sit down. It feels heavy. He starts by introducing himself again. Words start flowing from his mouth, lots of them. He says things like ‘I thought’ and ‘it was’. You stop him, those are trigger words that indicate it's no longer going to be simple. Next is the big word, the one that makes the rooms feel small, the one that makes you feel like all the oxygen has been sucked out of the room, bricks have been placed on your chest and you simply can’t get away. Cancer. She has cancer. Confirmed on biopsy during her procedure, that had to be changed due to new results they received just before her scheduled surgery. What does this mean, what's next, when do we start chemo/radiation, what are her chances, how did we not catch this? She just had tests last month and everything was ‘normal’ ; this can’t be cancer. Everyone said it wasn’t cancer. You said it wasn’t cancer. So, here we are, navigating a new way of life. Medical bills and regular bills have already started to pile up and her family is there to take care of all of this. Emily can’t work for the time being. We will get her back to work but for now we focus on keeping her healthy and upbeat. Chemo will be hard but worth it, then radiation also hard, but still worth it. This fundraiser is to help her, support her, and show her that others will “Fight with Emily”. She has so many people on her side of the ring. We will help her beat this, she will ‘kick cancer's ass’.